Tesla Stock Is Tanking After Elon Musk Lost a Top Executive

Tesla chief Elon Musk smokes marijuana on live web show

Tesla chief Elon Musk smokes marijuana on live web show

Morton stated that "the level of public attention placed on the company" and "the pace within the company" caused him to reconsider his future.

Morton, who is walking away from a $350,000 base salary and a $10 million new-hire stock grant that would vest over four years, said he believed "strongly" in Tesla and that he had no disagreements with the company's leadership or its financial reporting.

Toledano told Bloomberg she would not return to the firm after a leave of absence, following a similar decision made over the summer by Tesla's head of vehicle programs, Doug Field. After Rogan confirmed that the product was indeed legal to consume in California, Musk reached for the blunt and took a puff.

Hours before the posting, Musk sat for a 2 1/2-hour interview with comedian Joe Rogan, during which the two mused about work and life while smoking a marijuana joint on camera.

In the same breath, Musk said that such a concept "isn't necessary right now" - that he's focused on electric cars, solar power, and energy storage (batteries).

The latest guest on the popular Joe Rogan Experience podcast, Musk talked to the former Fear Factor host-turned-libertarian media star for three hours, touching on subjects from stockholder expectations to electric jets.

Analysts on Friday reiterated their call for Tesla to bring in another senior leader. It was also a month after the CEO announced on Twiitter that he had "funding secured" for a plan to take Tesla private, then rescinded the plan two weeks later. Musk did, and the image of the CEO smoking cannabis immediately spread on social media like wildfire.

"Come on man", Mr. Rogan laughed.

Samsung's Adding New Tech to Mid-Range Phones, Not Flagships, From Now On
Koh admitted that while the development process for the bendy phone has been "complicated", the company has "nearly concluded" it. Yesterday we heard rumours that Samsung would be launching a new phone with four rear-facing cameras before the end of the year .

Rogan asked Musk about The Boring Company, which Musk said started as a " joke", mostly borne out of his desperation to fix L.A.'s notoriously bad traffic problem.

Additionally, the group's chief accounting officer Dave Morton submitted his resignation today after working there less than a month.

"His actions directly affect Tesla's share price because Elon is Tesla".

Musk offered a frank and vulnerable look into his life for The New York Times in August, describing his long hours, isolation and how he took Ambien for sleep. "Every now and again I get drawn in and it's not good, you can make some mistakes".

The spot on one of the most popular podcasts in the USA marks Musk's first appearance in a public forum since he stunned the financial world last month with his short-lived effort to take Tesla private.

Elon also indulged in certain recreational drugs during the podcast.

Especially weird moments involving the Tesla chief of late include disparaging remarks about Vernon Unsworth, a Briton who helped save boys trapped in a Thai cave and the abrupt shutdown of Wall Street analyst's questions during a contentious earnings conference call.

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