Bernie Sanders introduces 'Stop BEZOS Act' in the Senate

Bernie Sanders had words for Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos on Monday

Bernie Sanders had words for Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos on Monday

Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., on Wednesday introduced a bill that would impose a corporate welfare tax on large companies whose employees need federal benefits to make ends meet.

The bill reportedly uses Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos' name to stand for "Stop Bad Employers by Zeroing Out Subsidies Act".

The bill would establish a tax on corporations with 500 or more employees equal to the dollar amount of federal benefits those workers receive.

Because of low wages, taxpayers must shell out $150 billion a year on government assistance that workers wouldn't have to tap if their pay was better, Sanders said, citing a study from the University of California, Berkeley Labor Center.

'We do not believe that taxpayers should have to expend huge sums of money subsidizing profitable corporations owned by some of the wealthiest people in this country.

According to public data obtained by the New Food Economy, thousands of Amazon workers are paid such low wages that they are forced to rely on food stamps to provide for themselves and their families. "Walmart, just like Amazon, pays its workers' wages that are so inadequate that many of them are forced to depend upon public assistance programs in order to survive". He pointed to reports, by the New Food Economy, showing that up to a third of Amazon's employees in Arizona receive food stamps, and a tenth of employees in OH and Pennsylvania.

"I'm proposing a bill that would have Mr. Bezos ... and other billionaires get off of welfare and start paying their workers a living wage", Sanders said Wednesday.

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U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders is taking his criticism of Jeff Bezos and Amazon to Congress.

In August, the senator set up a website for employees to anonymously share their experiences.

Amazon is worth $1 TRILLION.

The most troubling potential effect, in Bernstein's opinion, is that the Stop BEZOS Act could further the stigmatization of worker benefits.

The Walton clan that owns Walmart is the nation's wealthiest family, with a net worth of almost $175 billion.

The bill comes a week after Amazon responded to Sanders' constant barrage of income inequality attacks on the online retailer. Amazon has denied his claims vigorously, calling them "inaccurate and misleading", and maintaining that it offers competitive pay and a diverse range of benefits.

The senator has said the company's median pay is 9 percent less than the industry average at $28,446, and "well below" a livable wage. The company said in a statement that it has created 130,000 jobs in the past year.

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