Emotional farewell begins for US Senator John McCain

Warren Beatty Will Be A Pallbearer At John McCain’s Funeral

Warren Beatty Will Be A Pallbearer At John McCain’s Funeral

In his proclamation, Trump said that the US flag will be flown "at half-staff at the White House and upon all public buildings and grounds" as well as at all military posts and naval stations across the United States and around the world, including "all naval vessels of the Federal Government in the District of Columbia and throughout the United States and its Territories and possessions". John McCain of Arizona who died Saturday of brain cancer, in Washington, August 27, 2018.

McCain's memorial services will take place over five days in three different cities.

That may have implications for the 2020 race and Doug Ducey's appointment of a replacement for John McCain, too.

McCain "didn't want ideas cooked up in some back room and sprung on the Senate", said Sen. McCain's casket to the Arizona State Capitol Rotunda.

Arizona residents have lined up at the state capitol to pay their respects to Senator John McCain, who endured five-and-a-half years as a prisoner of war in Vietnam before becoming one of the most powerful USA lawmakers and a two-time Republican presidential candidate. "I consider it a great privilege to have served with John and I will miss him as a friend and as a strong force for America in the world". Jeff Flake and former Sen.

On Thursday, a memorial service will be held at the North Phoenix Baptist Church before the senator's body is flown to Washington DC where he will lie in state on Friday at Capitol Hill. Black curtains hung in the rotunda.

The nation's eyes are on Arizona and its hotly contested U.S. Senate race, seen as a prime pickup opportunity for Democrats fighting to retake control of the chamber and challenge President Donald Trump's agenda on everything from illegal immigration to taxes and trade.

That's the time they arrived in Phoenix after driving for more than seven hours from their home in California to come pay tribute to the longtime senator.

"It feels like you're losing part of your family, as much as he did", she said.

Colyer orders flags to be flown at half-staff to honor McCain
Jeff Colyer has ordered flags to be flown at half-staff from sunrise to sunset Monday in honor of U.S. The White House lowered the flag Saturday evening following news of his death.

The 109-year-old building is named after Sen.

"I grew up where a handshake was a contract and your word was your bond", Riordan said.

Kassandra Morales stood in line Wednesday at the Arizona Capitol with her sons, ages 8 and 2½.

And Senator Susan Collins, who many have looked to resist the president's most extreme tendencies, appeared to be uncomfortable when his torch was offered to her.

"I remember him embracing a war that nobody wanted to talk about because he understood what it would cost to lose it", Graham said.

Judith Hatch, a veteran from Phoenix, started the day by handing out flags to those who were assembled.

"We'll need someone who is going to step up to the plate", Hatch said.

A McCain family spokesperson said the Capitol doors would remain open as long as there are people in line preparing to honor John McCain. How do you accurately be able to give somebody their due justice who served the United States for 60-plus years, I mean dedicated his entire life? He took office in Arizona in the early 1980s, first as a congressman and then as a senator in the seat once held by Sen.

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