Samsung Galaxy Watch review (early verdict): the Gear S3 successor has arrived

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Covering a big event like this is often an exercise in stress management, so it would've been nice to use the Galaxy Watch's included Stress applet to help us manage the flood of emotions that come when testing new hardware. As of now, you can pre-order the Galaxy Note 9 only on Samsung's website in India, but Flipkart, Amazon, and Paytm Mall should join the list soon.

Samsung's latest device enters the ring at a time of slowing smartphone demand globally and a disappointing performance by its cousin, the Galaxy S9.

Naturally, Samsung has equipped the Note 9 with the latest processor and 8GB of memory as well as that hefty amount of storage space. Battery life remains a hurdle for advanced smartwatches, as most can't go for more than about two days before needing a charge. Even if the battery has no power it will still work as a regular S Pen for note taking, signing, drawing, screen-off memos and so on.

Sitting through Samsung's Unpacked press conference in Brooklyn yesterday, I wasn't struck with a barrage of technical specifications, comparisons to the competition, or endless feature demos. A Pixel 2 XL will still fetch you $450 off, as will an iPhone X. You could pay just $550, 600, $650, etc. for a brand new $1,000 Note 9. While, on paper, the Note 9's dual 12MP camera sounds identical to that on last year's model, Samsung claims that the new horizontally-aligned sensors are "more intelligent" than before, with its AI-fuelled camera app now letting you know when an image is flawed; if someone has blinked, for example. That's just the base model, though. The S Pen still uses Wacom technology though, so it's just the Bluetooth that uses the battery. You choose which version you want (unlocked, Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, or Sprint), then how much storage you want (128GB or 512GB), and then pick your trade-in device.

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Because the S Pen has Bluetooth, it needs power.

The Galaxy Watch comes in a silver 46mm version and 42mm option in black or rose gold. In contrast, the Gear S3 cost $349 (£349) at launch, so providing you plump for the smaller model, this time you can get hooked up for $20 less.

Let's skip past the lack of upgrades on the new Galaxy Watch, the "and-me" smart speaker and the decision to have "Mr Doodle" on stage drawing with a product launched a few weeks ago, and jump straight to the Note 9. That's right, this is why Samsung's deal is the best.

Here, we'd expect to laud the Note 9 as a harbinger: it usually provides clues for the future of the Galaxy S series.

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