White House chief of staff to stick around for now

Trump marks Kelly's one-year mark as departure rumors swirl | TheHill

Trump marks Kelly's one-year mark as departure rumors swirl | TheHill

A retired four-star Marine Corps general who served as Trump's first Homeland Security secretary, Kelly entered the White House last July with a level of authority aides say his predecessor Reince Priebus never possessed.

Kelly began as chief of staff in late July past year, taking over for Reince Priebus.

Chafing at Kelly's efforts to impose order, Trump has increasingly followed his own counsel and added more like-minded aides to his staff.

The news - first reported by the The Wall Street Journal on Tuesday - comes after a few months of improved relations between Kelly and Trump, who has by most accounts resisted the more disciplined approach his top aide meant to impose in the West Wing.

Trump congratulated John Kelly in a tweet that includes a photo of the two men smiling wide.

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The president took to twitter Monday celebrating Kelly's achievement.

The commitment would provide stability for a White House staff that has seen high turnover, unless either Trump or Kelly changes his mind.

A Republican close to the White House also referred to Kelly as a "chief of staff in name only", according to the news outlet.

Unwilling to cede control to a powerful chief of staff again, Trump mused aloud to confidants that he might leave the job open, according to the official. (It might have been more interesting and revealing if one or both of them had leapt up and stormed out of the room, but no dice.) So far no one is claiming that Kelly's relationship with Trump is anything other than grudgingly tolerable, sounding more like a old, bad marriage than a relatively new, dysfunctional employment situation. The White House has struggle to recruit top talent across the administration to replace departing staffers. He has said he spends as much as eight hours a day with Trump.

A senior administration official confirmed Kelly's announcement, first reported by The Wall Street Journal.

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