Fortnite Playground Mode Is Going Away Soon, Here's When And Why



Playground is leaving gameplay rotation on 12th July. Have you been enjoying Playground mode?

The LTM mode has only been running for a few days but Epic Games have already revealed an end date for Fortnite Playground. There's a reason Playground is referred to as a limited time mode, though.

On Fortnite's Reddit, the game's developers state that they will be shutting down Playground Mode next week to make updates."We appreciate all of the awesome feedback we've received and are beginning work on the next version of Playground", they wrote.

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Playground, for those unaware, is a new game mode in Fortnite: Battle Royale that allows players to enter the island alone, with only a couple friends, or as part of a random squad. They HAVE to keep it. Plz Epic.

The next version of Playground is expected to feature new functionality that will allow players to select teams from within Playground.

Playground LTM acts as the first step towards a "full creative mode" in Fortnite. For example, some fans have used Playground Mode to recreate the popular Nuketown multiplayer map from the Call of Duty: Black Ops franchise. We've also seen some pretty sweet creations come out of this "practice" mode, and fans can't seem to get enough. You can spend all that time then safely practicing with the weapons, getting a feel for the map, figuring out Fortnite's tricky construction mechanics, or just goofing off. Playground mode has sparked a creativity in players that recalls Fortnite's Minecraft roots.

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