Can you guess which designer Meghan Markle has worn the most?

Nicky wasn’t invited to the wedding but definitely wasn’t a fan of Meghan’s dress

Nicky wasn’t invited to the wedding but definitely wasn’t a fan of Meghan’s dress

Britain's Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex and his wife Meghan, Duchess of Sussex.

Defending her supposed accent change, one user wrote: "It's not a full blown accent but it is coming out here and there".

"If she also has a good ear for music, rhythm and inflection and is now surrounded by British English speakers (especially people she loves) it would not surprise me if her sounds might adjust a bit―perhaps even unconsciously", Fletcher added. With her immediate immersion into British culture, it wouldn't be too surprising to discover the newbie royal has gained a slight accent.

Meghan Markle seems to be adapting well to her new life as the Duchess of Sussex and member of the British Royal Family - so much so, that she is starting to talk in a British accent.

Meghan worked as an actress before marrying Prince Harry, so her new found accent could be helped along by her training.

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"We all had a great day, I think, ' Meghan said in the clip, after a woman gushed that she looked 'gorgeous" on her wedding day in May.

Others brought up Lindsay Lohan, who made headlines in 2016 for adopting a freakish European accent after spending the summer in Greece. He added, "I can also say she intends to become a United Kingdom citizen and will go through the process of that, which some of you may know takes a number of years".

However, for all those who accused the new royal of being a 'phony, ' there were people who argued it was natural for her to take on a British accent, or at the very least start to lose her American one. Get HELLO! Canada, PEOPLE, Vanity Fair and over 100 more of the world's best magazines for one low monthly price at Texture by Next Issue.

In thanking the baker, Meghan pronounced the word "scone" in the British way, with the short "o" to rhyme with gone.

"Meghan Markle strikes me as someone who is very attentive and someone who has a lot of empathy for others", she said in an email. With her first formal dinner likely to happen this year, she'll need look no further than one of these spectacular gowns.

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