Americans Want Tough But Sensible Immigration Laws

File image of Donald Trump. AP

File image of Donald Trump. AP

The Senate candidate said there are millions of immigrants in the US who are working the "crappiest jobs in this country that no person born in the United States of America is willing to take right now", and he wants them to be free from the fear of deportation.

The common vein running through the Nutter and Kenney administrations is "Occupy", the catch-all descriptor for many progressive-led protests throughout the country. That changed after self-described socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez defeated NY incumbent Rep. Joe Crowley last month in a Democrat primary. Senators Elizabeth Warren and Kirsten Gillibrand, his potential opponents for the Democratic nomination, have both come out in favor of abolishing ICE.

The new slogan, though, raises more political questions than it answers.

Gwen Graham wouldn't say she supported abolishing ICE. It's short enough to fit on a bumper sticker - as does "Build the Wall", or "Abolish the IRS".

ICE may not be be to blame for separating families at U.S. borders, but the agency has always been dogged with claims of abuse. Republican Diane Harkey, a former state legislator who serves on the state's tax board, is vying against Democrat Mike Levin, an environmental lawyer. The term "sanctuary" refers to a jurisdiction that limits how far local officials will go to help enforce immigration law. If immigration enforcement - or ICE - gets a hit, they can request the inmate be detained for 48 hours - that's called an ICE hold. "We're not abandoning ICE and we're not abandoning law enforcement", he said.

Trump also linked his defense of ICE to his frequent brandishing of the threat posed by MS-13 gangs - and returned to using charged language comparing them to an infestation of insects.

Then Penn asked: "Do you think that parents with children who make it across our border illegally should be allowed to stay in the country or sent home?" The powerful collection of advocacy groups affiliated with billionaires Charles and David Koch have been outspoken critics of Trump's views and policies on immigration, trade and tariffs.

Canada Hits US With $12.6 Billion In Retaliatory Tariffs
President Donald Trump spoke late Friday to discuss trade and other economic issues, the White House said Saturday. Department of Commerce and government agencies in China, the EU, Mexico, and Canada.

"I think many Vermonters would agree with the proposal that the Border Patrol should be operating at the border rather than conducting checkpoints 100 miles from the border", Davis said.

"Many Democrats are deeply concerned about the fact that their 'leadership" wants to denounce and abandon the great men and women of ICE, thereby declaring war on Law & Order, ' Trump wrote in yet another tweet Tuesday morning. Eight-four percent - a huge number comprised of 94 percent of Republicans, 76 percent of Democrats, and 83 percent of independents - said that cities should be required to notify immigration authorities.

Under President Donald Trump's leadership, federal authorities have adopted a much tougher stance on immigration than previous administrations, increasing deportations and implementing stricter policies for illegal entries. The majority of the country sides with Democrats on immigration in general.

The poll showed that 49 per cent of respondents thought Mr Trump was racist, while 47 per cent said he was not. "It's time to reform and refocus the agency under the DHS to be exclusively focused on border security and ensuring those who intend to immigrate to our country have a compassionate system that allows for a fair process to be followed". It's why so many Democratic lawmakers refuse to jump on the "Abolish ICE" bandwagon.

As recently as three weeks ago, advocating the elimination of the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement would have been unthinkable for any well-known Democrat. Kamala Harris, another possible 2020 contender, did not. To that end, 80 percent favored hiring more immigration judges "to process people in custody faster".

Stayton: It seems like there are sort of two levels of discussion as this debate has been going on about current practices and family separations and some discussion about ICE, also. "It could be ICE, it could be another agency in the future?" During his presidency, Bill Clinton helped create numerous laws we still use to deport people. It's responsible for homeland security investigations and the deportation of undocumented immigrants.

The White House issued a lengthy release that outlined the consequences of abolishing the agency.

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