Young boys, coach found deep in Thai cave

Young boys, coach found deep in Thai cave

Young boys, coach found deep in Thai cave

The team remained there Tuesday, no longer alone and with food, water and medicine, as authorities tried to figure out how to extract them safely.

That's not an easy proposition.

"It may be four months, one month or one week".

More than a week after their disappearance, 12 boys and their coach were rescued from a cave in Thailand on Monday in the final development of a rescue mission that has gripped the entire country-and the world-amid the World Cup matches.

Divers from Thailand's elite navy SEAL unit had been focusing on an elevated mound inside the cave which cavers have named "Pattaya Beach", which could have provided the boys with a refuge when rains flooded the cave.

But sticking it out until the weather improves "may not be an option" based on the porous rock type found inside the cave network, according to Tim Taylor, an experienced ocean explorer and expert on underwater robotics.

While the aim is to take the boys out of the cave, that depends on the ability of the rescuers to pump water out of the cave and also the health of the children and coach.

It would be a unsafe attempt, since none of the boys know how to swim.

The 12 young boys and their football coach were discovered rake thin and hungry on a mound of mud surrounded by water late on Monday, ending an agonising search that captivated a nation.

"How many of you?" the diver can be heard as saying.

This is the plan that basically sounds like a movie. But the days-long rescue operation isn't over, as rescuers still need to figure out how to get the team out of the cave. Cue the swelling orchestral music.

The two divers who found the boys are from the United Kingdom.

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It doesn't help that the cave system itself features a number of twists, turns and incredibly narrow passageways.

Bill Whitehouse, vice-chairman of the British Cave Rescue Council, said: 'I gather the actual diving section was about 1.5km, about half of which was completely flooded, and the total dive was about three hours'. "It is very far and very complex".

Experts have cautioned that taking inexperienced divers through the unsafe corridors of muddy, zero-visibility waters would be very risky and none of the trapped boys can swim.

Reygadas and the other miners were trapped almost 2,300 feet (700 meters) below Chile's Atacama desert before a specially built capsule could be lowered down a drilled shaft and raise them to the surface one by one. So it is not impossible, but the issue is the restrictions - just one person can fit through.

"[We will] prepare to send additional food to be sustained for at least four months and train all 13 to dive while continuing to drain the water", Navy Captain Anand Surawan said, according to a statement from Thailand's Armed Forces. So it is really hard to give an opinion on what is the best solution.

The matter is complicated, he added, by the fact the boys don't know how to swim.

Diving would be the fastest, but arguably most risky, extraction method. "Those who are ready first and then the others". Our tears also ran. It's very slow, for one, with the boys being passed along a daisy-chain of rescuers one-by-one.

Though this might seem like an obvious solution, it's not really feasible.

While efforts to pump out the floodwaters would continue, Anupong said it's clear some areas of the sprawling cave can not be drained and that in order to get out, the boys may need to use diving gear while being guided by two professional divers each.

"Rick and John installed a guideline - a line that can then be subsequently followed by the Thai Navy SEALs", Jewell said in a Skype interview with CNN from Manchester, England.

Bonus option: some kind of tunnel?

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