Explosion at Hawaii volcano spews ash as lava flows into sea

Hawaii volcano latest

Hawaii volcano latest

The preliminary magnitude of the second event was 5.4.

The lava is "enough to cover Manhattan 6.5 feet deep" and fill 11.3 million average dump trucks, it said.

A river of molten rock is flowing toward community that was wiped out last week. USGS scientists have been unable to determine when the eruptions will end. "The lava flow is contained within a channel flowing to the ocean with only minor outflows".

Because tradewind conditions returned, vog was projected to carry to the south and west sides of the island, while plumes of noxious gas coming out of the ocean around the new Kapoho coastline were pushing those emissions south, farther out over the ocean.

A small explosion on the summit of Kilauea volcano has triggered an natural disaster but there are no reports of damage.

Latest updates from USGS at 09:32 pm BST said: "A line of closely spaced vents at Fissure 8 are continuing to erupt producing fountains reaching heights up to 160 feet, just higher than the spatter cone around them". The mayor said he's never seen so many homes destroyed in such a short amount of time.

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"Venturing too close to an ocean entry on land or the ocean exposes you to flying debris from sudden explosive interaction between lava and water", the observatory said.

"Lava can't get hotter than where we are", Stovall said.

A large flow of lava from a fissure that has already destroyed hundreds of homes is continuing to enter the ocean at Kapoho Bay.

The eruption has also had a toll on the area's tourism industry, with many afraid to travel to the island.

Thousands of residents have fled their homes and at least 600 homes have been destroyed.

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