After teasing a name change, IHOP says "b" is for burgers

IHOP reveals what IHOB will stand for

IHOP reveals what IHOB will stand for

Unfortunately, few people guessed it, and that's exactly because the image of IHOP being a breakfast place held too strong. The change is not permanent, a company spokeswoman said, but rather is a move to promote its new burger line.

IHOP-erm-IHOb's new Ultimate Steakburgers are made with 100% USDA choice black angus beef.

But still, it feels wrong to go into an IHOP and order a burger.

"Well there is stupider", Turkel Brands president Bruce Turkel said during an interview on FOX Business' "After the Bell".

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The chain's name, International House of Pancakes, is rooted in their calorie-laden breakfast standards ― pancakes, waffles and french toast ― but IHOP said last week that it was changing its last initial to "B" in a rebranding exercise. The company even dropped another bomb, relating IHOB's name change to the kind of thing a child might do to equate him or herself to some sort of superhero.

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IHOP first teased a name adjustment last week before finally revealing it Monday. Three years later, coffee powerhouse Starbucks introduced lunch offerings in an effort to draw in more customers during lunch hours.

Well, name changes aren't easy - just ask Puff Daddy.

And Red Robin, which doesn't have a breakfast menu, teased: "We're as serious about pancakes as IHOb is about burgers".

IHOb tried its best to defend its decision with more puns using the letter "b", such as "We bromise that this is going to b good!" and "That's nice and all, but when are you gonna stob by?!".

Though Haley said he is optimistic about the outcome of the rebranding effort, some are skeptical of how successful the tweak will be. Others pegged the "burgers" gimmick in advance as well.

Steak n' Shake has yet to respond to what is clearly a gauntlet being thrown down, but Twitter was only too happy to let IHOp, sorry I mean IHOb, know how they felt about the switch.

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