How to get help for someone who might be suicidal

US suicide rate on rise: health agency

US suicide rate on rise: health agency

The Vital Signs study shows 58.6 percent increase in the state's rates, which is at least ten percent higher than the next state, which is Vermont.

They've gone up in every state except Nevada.

Between 1999 and 2016, suicide increased across 49 states, with 25 of those seeing an increase by nearly a third, the CDC's Vital Signs report shows. "From individuals and communities, to employers and health care professionals, everyone can play a role in efforts to help save lives and reverse this troubling rise in suicide".

The report finds almost 45,000 Americans age 10 or older died by suicide in 2016.

As two celebrities died in apparent suicides this week, a new federal report shows suicide rates have risen dramatically across the country over the past two decades.

The CDC suggested a wide-ranging list of ways for communities to help those contemplating suicide.

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There are other factors as well: relationship setbacks, substance use, poor physical health, and job, money, legal, or housing stress. "So, when you put those things together, it can be hard to find help even when you want it", Trisha Kajimura, Mental Health America of Hawai'i Executive Director, said.

"We see these "echo suicides" where people who were already vulnerable get exposed to the loss of somebody that they really identified with and that increases their own risk on a temporary basis", he said.

MA legislators passed a "red flag" gun bill on Thursday, a law that state Senate President Harriette Chandler said would help reduce the risk of suicide in the state. "If we only look at this as a mental health issue, we won't make the progress that we need". The U.S. recorded 8,437 suicides in that age group; 233 were in Arizona.

"We want people to know they can talk to us and we can help them find healthy alternatives", he said. Montana recorded the highest rate of 29.2 suicides per 100,000, and Washington, D.C., the lowest, at 6.9 suicides per 100,000 people. The Berks County Suicide Prevention Task Force also has resources available to people who may not be able to afford extended counseling.

"I think when someone considers suicide they think it's their only option and it's a scary option but the pain they're going through has gotten them to that place", Litovski says. Suicide rates were higher among males in Maryland, ranging from about 17 to 18 per 100,000 males.

If you have any thoughts of suicide or know of someone who needs help, you can reach out to the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255.

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