Destiny 2 Details Annual Pass for Future Content Releases

5 Things Destiny 2 Got Right With Warmind

5 Things Destiny 2 Got Right With Warmind

Destiny 2: Forsaken lands on September 4 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows PC.

You can catch the stream live on Tuesday June 5 at 9am PDT / 11am CDT / Noon EDT / 5pm BST / 6pm CEST / 2am Wednesday June 6 AEST. Unexpectedly, Bungie took the chance to show quite a lot of it in tonight's reveal stream - usually it keeps a tight lid on new raids until they actually launch. It started by showing a 10-minute ViDoc on the expansion which detailed numerous upcoming changes to Destiny 2.

The famed studio has been working on Destiny since at least 2010, releasing the first game in 2014 and the second past year.

We get to see and hear about the Tangle Shore, the new "Gambit" mode that marries PvE and PvP together, and the Dreaming City, which is the homeland of the Awoken. Oh, and Bungie's also adding bows to the game. While before, weapons were part of specific groups, you can now equip whatever you want in each slot, so you could potentially have three rifles or three shotguns if you choose to. They've also teased a new Masterwork system that will allow players to level up their weapons invest in their weapons. As always, the expansion will also include the usual assortment of new weapons, armor, gear, Supers, and gameplay tweaks.

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New supers will be added to the game just like in the original Destiny's The Taken King expansion. A new raid set in what looks like a large, sprawling destination. Bows are also in, and each class seems to be getting significant reworks - "anime" style Void Warlock teleports were highlighted as the standout adjustment. Bungie could not reveal much about this destination but did say it would change over time based on player activity.

There's a new mode called Gambit. According to the team, bridging the gap between PvE and PvP was very important for the game's next step. Taking place in the Prison of Elders where players kill enemies for currency and deposit what they've earned or stop the other team from doing the same. To assist with this, they are updating the menus to include item collection trackers, lore discoveries, and triumphs. Teams compete in separate arenas to defeat enemies, collect motes and bank them in order to release you main boss.

Unlike the two previous DLC releases, Curse of Osiris and Warmind, Bungie announced that it will be changing the way that content is released in the game. Bungie will be exploring "the creation of new worlds" alongside the development of the game, rather than giving it up. It was introduced as a premium content release and Bungie went out of its way not to call it a DLC. You get to play how you want, whether it's Destiny 1's weapon slot system, Destiny 2's, or even insane new loadouts like triple-shotguns. The Black Armory will be out this winter, Joker's Wild in spring 2019, and Penumbra in summer 2019.

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