Funerals begin for Texas high school shooting victims

Santa Fe school shooting renews debate over gun control

Santa Fe school shooting renews debate over gun control

A moment of silence was held across the state of Texas Monday to honor the victims of the recent deadly shooting at Santa Fe High School.

Texas has been among the states most strident in its support for gun rights, even as mass shootings have caused other states to slowly start tightening laws.

Garcia, the two he tried to assist and seven others were killed in Friday's shooting at the school south of Houston.

"We have families that are broken apart, no fathers at home", Patrick said, according to CNN. Maybe no law would have stopped what happened today, but that doesn't mean that we can't do better.

Sadie Rodriguez, the mother of Shana Fisher (16), said her daughter rejected four months of aggressive advances from accused gunman Dimitrios Pagourtzis (17) before being killed at the Santa Fe High School.

"We need armed teachers, trained of course, not just anyone who has a gun but trained in how to handle active shooters."

The first series will take place in Austin on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

As "other heroes" arrived and ran toward the gunfire, students and teachers ran from the gunfire, he said.

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Oliver North, incoming president of the National Rifle Association, said the shootings are the product of a "culture of violence", not the Second Amendment. Several of them laid down on the ground as if they were dead for 23 minutes - one minute for each school shooting in the USA this year, according to KXAN TV.

As Texas leaders debated how to move forward, the Santa Fe community is looking back at the lives of those lost in the massacre.

On Monday, students placed photos and flowers at the crosses erected outside the school for each person who died in the attack. Nurses and doctors did the same at Clear Lake Regional Medical Center, where numerous victims were treated following the shooting. After Friday's shooting, it was moved from the high school auditorium to nearby Arcadia First Baptist Church. Aaron Chenoweth had a very different speech planned to deliver to his Santa Fe High School classmates, but then God stepped in.

"You are already dealing with the full effects of sin in our world", he said. "It was all according to His plan; that's what I felt tonight".

"It's times like this when all of us realise how fragile our lives really are".

Pagourtzis, who police said has confessed to the shooting, is being held without bail at a jail in Galveston. And officials, rightfully, are not being specific on the details as they assess any continuing threats.

"There were CO2 (carbon dioxide) canisters wrapped up with duct tape, but no way to detonate, and a pressure cooker with an alarm clock, and some nails but no explosive device, so you've got to treat them like they are potentially lethal and go from there", Henry said. "It feels like there's not much we can do in the amount of time we have".

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