Call of Duty: Black Ops IIII debut trailer, details, and screenshots



And the standout with announcements was Blackout, which serves as Treyarch's take on the popular Battle Royale mode for the game.

This will be the first time a Call of Duty game makes its way to, though Destiny 2 has already broken a lot of new ground and proven that non-Blizzard games can function just as well on the platform.

The series' signature Pick 10 customisation system is back, and Activision is promising that Black Ops 4 will go deeper than ever into the fiction of multiplayer, allowing players to learn who Specialists are, why they exist, and what battles they fight together.

New and old specialists are also returning to the game. Items/abilities are set to R1 while health recovery is set to L1. With no campaign, Treyarch is using Zombies to tell a story, and it is one that very much seems like it's ready to take Call of Duty in new directions unbound by the chains of real-life war.

First and foremost, Black Ops 4 will not have thrust jumps or wall running. "More fun than you've ever had".

We particularly liked playing as Battery, who has a cluster grenade as her special weapon. It will supposedly include a number of well-known locations and characters from the larger "Call of Duty" universe, including the original "Call of Duty" Zombies Origins cast.

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The "Black Ops" team also confirmed suspicions that this year's installment would not include a single-player campaign, instead opting to inject more story aspects into the classic multiplayer.

All these experiences are loosely connected.

Treyarch is also adding a bot support, difficulty settings, "customizable tools and social systems", custom mutations, limited-time curated challenges, and a new mode called Zombie Rush. It appears that each episode will have its own objectives and primary threat, and weapons will vary based on the time period. Character customization will be offered instead, though few details about that were given on-stage.

Moving on from multiplayer, the zombie mode looks to be truly awesome! A tutorial will also be included. There will be both solo and team play, and naturally vehicles (land, sea, and air). Players will be able to play iconic characters and weapons from the entire Black Ops franchise and wade into a giant map, with areas of maps inspired by beloved multiplayer maps. As those years have gone by, we all knew that the series would eventually have to make some changes to stay relevant. No gameplay trailer was shown, so the specifics of how Blackout works are a mystery.

Here are the reasons to pre-order Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 today, and some of the reasons you should wait to see what Treyarch announces at E3 and in the run up to the Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 release date in October.

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