Deputy who waited outside during school massacre gets $104K-per-year pension

Scot Peterson's $8K-plus pension: It pays to be cowardly

Scot Peterson's $8K-plus pension: It pays to be cowardly

Israel said Peterson should have "went in".

Former Broward County sheriff's deputy Scot Peterson, the Stoneman Douglas High School resource officer who remained outside as a gunman killed 17 people, has now started collecting a substantial pension, to the tune of $8,702 dollars a month. It just doesn't seem right, does it? President Donald Trump called Peterson a coward. He can receive the payments for the rest of his life.

The report found that the 55-year-old Peterson will be retiring with a monthly pension of $8,702.35, and received his first payment last month.

Peterson's pension rate is calculated by his number of years in service and the average of his five highest-paid years.

Andrew Pollack, whose daughter Meadow died in the shooting, sued Peterson last month and released a statement Tuesday calling Peterson a "disgrace and a coward".

The trouble is that Florida law says that Peterson can not be denied the pension unless he is convicted of a crime or some official wrongdoing.

Danbury Mayor Bouhgton: 1 dead following storm; another man seriously injured
Passengers were frustrated at Grand Central Terminal, where several Metro-North lines were suspended due to the powerful storms . In Connecticut , the state's two major utilities reported 90,000 without electricity, most in the western part of the state.

Timothy Donnelly, an assistant state attorney, responded that the agency is waiting for the Florida Department of Law Enforcement to complete its investigation, ordered by Florida Gov. Rick Scott. The newspaper has reported that Peterson's personnel file was filled with commendations.

We can't read minds and will probably never know for sure the answer to this question, but this story illustrates in the most horrifying and brutally tragic way why so many people are skeptical of government.

Peterson would not be entitled to his pension if he were convicted of a crime such as embezzlement or bribery.

"My daughter would still be alive if this person did his job", he tweeted. Seventeen students and teachers killed that disgusting day.

"The thing he was supposed to do - protect these children - he didn't do", Broward County Commissioner Michael Udine told the Miami Herald Tuesday.

Broward County voters need to do some deep soul-searching before they head to the polls this year, and in the next elections to come.

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