White House Slams China's 'Orwellian Nonsense' on Civil Aviation Terminology Guidance

GETTYCamp Lemonnier is home to 4,000 US military personnel and headquarters of US Africa Command

GETTYCamp Lemonnier is home to 4,000 US military personnel and headquarters of US Africa Command

Mr Geng said foreign companies operating in China should "respect the Chinese people's national sentiment".

On April 25, China sent a letter to 36 foreign airlines, including a number of American, German, and Malaysian carriers to demand name changes for Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macau on business websites, ordering them to avoid listing Taiwan as a country.

"Whatever the USA says will never change the objective fact that there is only one China in the world and the Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan regions are an inalienable part of China's territory", foreign ministry spokesman Geng Shuang said in a statement Sunday posted online.

The Chinese government sent letters to dozens of global airlines instructing them to amend their websites to show that Taiwan is a part of Chinese territory or face serious consequences.

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The White House's statement, issued by Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, also framed criticism of the Chinese directive in terms of President Donald Trump's campaign against "political correctness in the United States", calling the Chinese statement an example of "efforts by the Chinese Communist Party to impose Chinese political correctness on American companies and citizens".

"This is Orwellian nonsense and part of a growing trend by the Chinese Communist Party to impose its political views on American citizens and private companies".

China is threatening foreign airlines with a version of the social credit system that is being implemented domestically, where more than seven million Chinese citizens have been deemed "untrustworthy".

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Qantas made some changes to its website in January, when the issue first arose, but still does not list Taiwan as part of China, unlike British Airways.

The White House called Beijing's demand to the airlines an attempt by the Chinese Communist Party to "export its censorship and political correctness to Americans".

Reuters noted that the war of words between the White House and Beijing comes on the heels of "contentious trade talks between senior usa and Chinese officials last week".

Bishop said she hoped the current understanding with China could continue and that her department would continue to liaise closely with Qantas.

"As to this matter, we have deferred it to the US Government since this is a diplomatic issue to be resolved among governments", he said in an email. Washington acknowledges Beijing's position that there is one China that includes Taiwan and the United States takes no stance on that question.

China has hit back at U.S. claims a push by Beijing to stop foreign airlines referring to Taiwan as a separate state is "Orwellian nonsense".

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