Trump raises fears of London knife crime epidemic during NRA speech

Tim Hartman says he's dissatisfied with the NRA's recent compromises but he still plans to attend the annual convention

Tim Hartman says he's dissatisfied with the NRA's recent compromises but he still plans to attend the annual convention

The US President reiterated his call at the National Rifle Association convention insisting mass shootings occur in places where guns are banned.

The massacre moved Trump to flirt with stricter gun measures in defiance of NRA priorities, such as raising the legal age to purchase AR-15s and similar types of rifles to 21, and expanding background checks to guns sold at shows and online.

The president spoke for about 58 minutes ending his speech to the crowd: "We will never fail and we will always protect your second amendment".

Mr Trump has long enjoyed strong backing from the NRA, which spent about 30 million USA dollars (£22 million) supporting his presidential campaign.

Even President Trump, a close NRA ally, publicly challenged the organization - at least for a rare moment.

Giuliani issued a statement Friday almost as tortured as the Trump team's Daniels story: "My references to timing were not describing my understanding of the president's knowledge but instead my understanding of these matters".

Days after the shooting, Trump promised action on gun regulation and at a gathering of state officials, he said of the NRA: "We have to fight them every once in a while". "Like it or not, we don't care if you are a Democrat or a Republican, if you are supported by the NRA, you don't stand with kids, you stand with the gun manufacturers and people making money off this fear and tragedy that's perpetrating itself".

Trump said some political advisers had told him that attending the NRA convention might be contentious, but, "You know what I said?"

"I recently read a story that in London, which has unbelievably tough gun laws, a once very prestigious hospital, right in the middle, is like a war zone for frightful stabbing wounds", he said.

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So these aren't really negotiating points, they're excuses for the United States to step out of compliance with an agreement. If he doesn't renew the waiver, Congress probably would restore USA sanctions on Iran's Central Bank.

It was the second time Mr Trump has spoken at the conference as a sitting president. He noted the biggest thing standing in the way of people who wanted to abolish Second Amendment rights were conservatives in Congress who were fighting them.

"They have great power over you people", he told the lawmakers.

PROTEST: PETA and supporters will be gathered outside the NRA convention center grounds from 10 a.m. through 3 stand in solidarity with and in support of all the victims of gun control violence across the country.

The NRA's relationship with the president was further complicated after a McClatchy report in January that us authorities are investigating whether the group funneled Russian money into the 2016 presidential election.

In late March, the Justice Department issued a proposal to ban bump stocks, a firearms accessory which increases the rate of fire of semi-automatic rifles.

But Trump later expressed support for only modest changes to the background check system and proposed arming teachers.

President Donald Trump is reflecting on the February shooting at a high school in Parkland, Florida, that killed 17 people.

Tonya Duerr, who traveled to the convention with her family from Knoxville, Tennessee, was "concerned, but hopeful" about Trump's rhetoric following the shooting. A deputy White House press secretary, Lindsay Walters, said in a statement that "we applaud the many courageous young Americans exercising their First Amendment rights today". After a closed-door meeting with the group's leaders, Trump backed off and the Republican-controlled Congress hasn't approved new gun control bills.

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