Castlevania: Grimoire of Souls Revealed for iOS

Castlevania Grimoire of Souls for iOS

Castlevania Grimoire of Souls for iOS

Other characters from Castlevania canon, such as Alucard, Simon Belmont, Charlotte, Maria, and Shanoa will be available as well.

The story goes that after the defeat of Count Dracula, all seemed fine.

In recent years, Konami has focused less on game development for consoles and PC, so it makes sense to see them turn to one of its biggest franchises to try and make a hit for the mobile space.

In order to verify the meaning of the words written in the letter-"The Grimoire has run wild and Count Dracula will be resurrected"-Genya Arikado heads off towards the letter's sender..."

"Grimoire of Souls" is just the latest in the very long-running "Castlevania" series.

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Once a release date and more details arrive, we'll be sure to post an update.

Konami describes the gameplay as "Exhilarating battles where up to four players can cooperate". Strengthen your favorite characters and challenge your mighty enemies to stand!

There will also be guest appearances from older Castlevania games.

The game's official website is taking applications for a closed beta test for iOS device users, and applicants will be contacted in mid-May.

The game supports multiplayer, and it includes several features like the ability to revive the dead, co-op boss battles with four players, four vs four competitive battles, collectible music from the series, and a new story featuring Dracula. But someone is intent on disturbing that peace, sending the main character, Genya Arikado, on a long and risky journey, fraught with enemies and mysteries. Lucy is a female researcher that has been working on means to defeat Dracula. A few days ago, someone noticed a filing for the term Grimoire of Souls from Konami and fans of the Castlevania franchise got excited for a possible new entry.

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