US strikes cripple Syria's chemical weapons ability: Pentagon

The delay in announcing new sanctions suggest that either the Trump administration may be be slowing down the process while considering other steps or that Ms. Haley misspoke on Sunday. AP

The delay in announcing new sanctions suggest that either the Trump administration may be be slowing down the process while considering other steps or that Ms. Haley misspoke on Sunday. AP

She said that it is "entirely up to Assad" whether the missile attack on Syria was a one-time response to the suspected chemical attack by Syrian forces a week ago that killed more than 40 people or part of a continuing allied military effort.

The strikes came after the Assad regime was accused of carrying out a chemical attack in Syria's Douma, which killed 78 civilians and injured hundreds of others.

As well as a reinvigoration of the stalled United Nations peace talks, the draft also calls for a broad investigation into Syria's chemical weapons stockpiles, a ceasefire to be enforced, unimpeded deliveries of humanitarian aid and medical evacuations.

He accused the United States, France and Britain of "demonstrating a blatant disregard for global law".

There was a bitter exchange at a UN Security Council emergency meeting on Saturday as Russian Federation sought to secure a condemnation of the early morning air strikes by Western powers.

U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley addresses the UN Security Council on Syria during a meeting of the Council at UN headquarters in NY on March 12, 2018.

"When our president draws a red line, our president enforces the red line", Haley stressed.

Syrian envoy to the UN Bashar Jaafari claimed that the Douma attack was a "masquerade" mounted by rebels.

"We of course know that our work in Syria is not done", Haley said.

In a news conference that took place on Saturday morning Pentagon Chief officials said they can't speculate on what will happen next.

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A day after air raids on Syria, Damascus remains defiant. Syria's capital has been rocked by loud explosions that lit up the sky with heavy smoke as U.S. President Donald Trump announced airstrikes in retaliation for the country's alleged use of chemical weapons.

The White House said Trump spoke to British Prime Minister Theresa May and French President Emmanuel Macron later on April 14.

"This is something we can not accept, the use of chemical weapons on civilians", he said, "and the worldwide community needs to continue to stand extremely strongly as we continue to hold Syria accountable".

The United States of America will not allow the Assad regime to continue to use chemical weapons.

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad described USA -led air strikes against the country as an act of aggression during a meeting with Russian lawmakers Sunday.

Mr Assad said that he believed that the airstrikes would unify the country, according to Dmitry Sablin who was one of his visitors. It was not clear when the visit would occur.

Hours after striking Syria, the United States, France and Britain on Saturday (April 14) launched a new bid at the United Nations to investigate chemical weapons attacks in Syria.

It would seek answers from Syria on gaps in its chemical weapons declaration to the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons. I support President Trump's limited action to target chemical weapons facilities and hold this brutal regime accountable.

Haley said Assad was making the use of chemical weapons "more normal and that Russian Federation was covering this up, all that has got to stop".

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