Jamie Carragher suspended by Sky and issues full apology for spitting

GK David De Gea

GK David De Gea

Tweeting about the controversy on Monday evening, the former Manchester United defender stated that, although there can be no excusing Carragher's actions, he did not feel that the incident should cost his co-commentator his job.

In footage widely shown on British media, Carragher is seen winding down the window of his auto and spitting at another vehicle following Liverpool's 2-1 loss to Manchester United on Saturday (March 10). Carragher was caught on camera, spitting at a fan and his daughter after his former side's latest defeat against bitter rivals United at the Old Trafford in the Premier League.

Now Carragher has issued a full apology to the girl and her father, as he has confirmed he as been in touch with the duo to express his regret over the incident.

"That is something that devastates me a little bit more than anything else really that a young girl, who wasn't involved in anything really, has now become embroiled in this".

"I've got a daughter the same age.it's hard to find the words for the way I'd react".

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As a result Carragher was unsurprisingly dropped from the Monday Night Football line up as Stoke took on league leaders Man City. As I said it's devastating for the family involved and for my own family, but that's down to my actions. You said before about role models, footballers, people in the job I do, any public figure, is a role model, whether you like it or not.

Yesterday ex-pro Vinnie Jones joined calls for Sky to rip up Carragher's lucrative contract, said to be worth £1million a year. "I'm sorry. I'll apologise again today properly".

Carragher made a huge mistake, there are no two ways about it, but he's done the right thing by apologising to the 14-year-old girl and her family at least. "That is Sky's decision, not my decision", he said.

A spokesman for Sky said Carragher's behaviour "falls well below the standards we expect of our people".

He's massively passionate about football and he's overstepped the mark and shouldn't have reacted. "I've been on TV for 3 years with him and imo (in my opinion) this isolated incident shouldn't stop us working together". Hopefully going forward I can show the real me. I'm getting vilified and rightly so.

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