Tennis World Tour Is Swinging For Match Point On Nintendo Switch

Direct Leaks: Japanese retailer reveals Mario Tennis Aces characters, release dates and more

Direct Leaks: Japanese retailer reveals Mario Tennis Aces characters, release dates and more

You can look for Mario Tennis Aces to launch on June 22nd exclusively for the Nintendo Switch. The trailer covers basic shots, the all-new "Zone Shot" that lets you pin point any spot you want to aim at using motion controls. To participate, players just have to download the Pre-launch Online Tournament in Nintendo eShop on Nintendo Switch.

Next to local and online multiplayer Nintendo will also host events and online tournaments. The zone shot is also a feature, which is a souped-up shot and can accumulate racket damage on the opponent. Another ability is Zone Speed, which works like bullet time, allowing you to get to balls you wouldn't normally be able to reach.

Players will be able to use the Joy-Cons and Pro Controller for standard controls but will also be able to swing the Joy-Cons and use motion controls should they choose. You can summon legacy characters like Meta Knight and King Dedede to join you in-game. These additions, along with already announced characters Mario, Luigi, Wario and Waluigi, bring the current roster size to 15.

Although the Nintendo Switch is really where it's at, with an explosion of new titles to be released this year.

ARMS will be hosting a three day global testpunch, an event which will allows players who own the Switch to try out the full ARMS game for free. The prelims will take place in the game's online ranked mode from March 8 - 18, and best eight players from each region will move on to the finals.

US Close Consulate in Mexico Citing a 'Security Threat'
The blast aboard the Caribbean ferry last month injured 25 people, two of which were American and three Canadian. Because of this alert , US government employees can not travel between cities after dark in much of the country.

Finally, we have a single player expansion for Splatoon 2.

Dark Souls remastered, the RPG notorious for its endless cycle of death with its insanely hard monsters, dragons and demons, will have an online network test for trying out the game, with details for that coming later. Surely owners of either system will be excited, eagerly anticipating the video game bonanza. There were plenty of announcements for both the 3DS and Nintendo Switch.

The Crash Bandicoot N.Sane trilogy is also coming to the Nintendo Switch. The Splatoon squid kids will be in the new game.

What's your take on the Nintendo Direct?

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