Nexus 6P and Nexus 5X Android P: What You Need to Know

Nexus 6P and Nexus 5X Android P: What You Need to Know

Nexus 6P and Nexus 5X Android P: What You Need to Know

Before continuing with this article, we must make it very clear that this version of Android P is aimed at application developers so it is not known for sure if the announced changes will reach the final version.

For a more thorough overview of what's new in Android P, head to the official Android Developers blog.

Many tech enthusiasts have reached to Google regarding this, and they have officially confirmed that they are dropping support for these devices and they won't get new updates by now. And while their hardware may seem good enough to deal with the performance requirements of Android P, it is important to understand that Google promises Android version updates to its phones only for two years. More information about Android P are expected to be shared by Google at the Google I/O Developer Conference 2018, which begins on May 8th.

Android P makes it clear that Google's mobile OS is going to embrace the notch.

The Android P Developer Preview is now only open to owners of the Pixel, Pixel XL, Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL. "On devices with either dual-front or dual-back cameras, you [developers] can create innovative features not possible with just a single camera, such as seamless zoom, bokeh, and stereo vision", Burke said.

Google Lens launched a little over five months ago but in that time it has improved greatly and it will only get better the more people use it.

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Google will also enable simulated views to see how display notches will alter the look of your app.

If they haven't already, the P developer preview images should arrive sometime today, and there are detailed instructions on the download page.

Google is not updating old devices to the latest operating system version and it's nothing new.

Here're some biggest changes in Android P. While GPS mostly doesn't work indoors, Wi-Fi RTT on Android will allow an app (with permission) to calculate your position to within 1 to 2 meters, provided three or more access points are in range. Users can reply to messages inside the notifications themselves.

It's not unexpected unless you haven't been keeping tabs on Google's devices.

Installation for this first build is limited to those who know how, or are willing to learn, how to manually flash the Android P image.

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