Vladimir Putin Says He Will 'Never' Extradite Russians Indicted in Mueller Probe

Perhaps it was the Russian deaths in Syria from U.S. bombing but U.S. impunity seems to be coming to an end writes Dr Arshad M Khan

Perhaps it was the Russian deaths in Syria from U.S. bombing but U.S. impunity seems to be coming to an end writes Dr Arshad M Khan

Russian President Vladimir Putin has urged the Federal Security Service (FSB) to step up its cybersecurity efforts and strengthen measures to protect secret and sensitive communications.

Putin's comments on the 1991 collapse of the USSR - which bound Russian Federation and many of its neighbors, while exerting influence in Eastern Europe and overseas for nearly seven decades - came at a question-and-answer forum held Friday in Kaliningrad.

There was much bravado in Putin's speech, which highlighted Russia's spectacular scientific achievements and progress, practically in all fields.

Thursday's speech marked a new low in U.S. -Russia relations in the post-Cold War period, experts argue. Proponents point out that the two most recent tests succeeded, including one past year, and say the system has improved.

"Never. Russia does not extradite its citizens to anyone", Putin told NBC when asked about the possibility of extradition.

Russian Federation has been widely accused of using cyberattacks as one of several tools to sow discord and interfere in elections in the West, including the 2016 US presidential election. Russian Federation denies those allegations. "Now it's they who have to catch up and bear all due consequences, first of all for the purses of their taxpayers", the source said.

Suspect in CMU shooting in hospital for hyopthermia
In the surrounding community, students and staff in the Mount Pleasant school district were told not to leave nine buildings. Rick Snyder said he has been in contact with local police to "determine what has occurred at Central Michigan University ".

On Monday, he thanked the FSB for what he said was its successful counter-intelligence work in keeping the arms projects secret.

"Then you have to understand what it takes is an official request to the general prosecutor of the Russian Federation", Putin said.

Falgenhauer, the military analyst, says while he is fairly certain Russian Federation has created the weapons Putin described - some he says have been in the design stages for more than a decade - actually testing and making them operational is a different issue.

In the run up to the March 18, Russian Presidential election, Russians in Nigerian city of Lagos are to commence Diaspora (early) voting on March 10th.

"President Putin has confirmed what the United States government has known all along, which Russian Federation has denied - Russian Federation has been developing destabilising weapons systems for over a decade in direct violations of its treaty obligations", Sanders said.

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