AGs Commence Lawsuit to Block Illegal Rollback of Net Neutrality

FCC chair Pai receives NRA gun award for courage

FCC chair Pai receives NRA gun award for courage

The final draft of the rules sets April 23 as the day the repeal goes into effect, but portions of the order are still pending approval from the Office of Management and Budget, which could delay its implementation.

The FCC and its chairman, Ajit Pai, have been under fire over the past few months, making the controversial decision to end Net Neutrality rules in a speedy 3-2 vote this past December, which would overturn rules on the Internet that would allow service providers to charge more for certain content.

"Nobody should be able to influence what videos you watch, which sites you read and which services you use, but the Trump FCC's action will take that decision away from all of us, jeopardizing free speech and small business innovation", said Rep. Internet providers can now block, throttle, and prioritize content if they want to.

Net neutrality is the basic principle that all internet traffic should be be treated equally.

Before December's vote, the attorneys general of almost 20 states asked the FCC to delay its decision based on evidence that impersonators posted hundreds of thousands of fake comments on the commissions' notice of the proposed rule change. Chairman Pai had previously said that the FCC had been "micromanaging the internet" during the previous administration. The FCC says it will "preempt any state or local measures that would effectively impose rules or requirements that we have repealed or chose to refrain from imposing in this order".

Perhaps the best chance for net neutrality advocates is enacting legislation protecting net neutrality on the state level. Disappointed that this is one more anti-consumer notch on this FCC's belt, but hopeful that the arc of history is bent in favor of net neutrality protections.

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Free Press also filed one of several preliminary lawsuits challenging the FCC's overturning of the 2015 rules.

The telcos are of course putting a friendly face on the situation but how the situation plays out remains to be seen.

However, they withdrew the petitions last Friday, agreeing to wait until the FCC published its official order that came out today. I highly doubt that supporters of net neutrality will let this happen without a big fight. But state attorneys general, along with the Federal Trade Commission, provide plenty of consumer protections under the new regulations, he says.

Consumers Union, the advocacy division of Consumer Reports, opposes the rollback.

As it now stands net neutrality ensures that internet providers won't be able to block or limit access to content by offering paid workarounds.

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