Google takes on Instagram and Snapchat with AMP Stories

A new Google AMP update could transform our search results

A new Google AMP update could transform our search results

This enables them to be indexed by Google Search on mobile and rendered instantly, but it also means publishers will have to host each AMP story on their own site. The AMP tech is traditionally used for fast-loading mobile pages; the Gmail integration is its first broader use case.

This marks a new initiative from Google to make the web more appealing to mobile users.

To that end, Google is launching a Gmail developer preview of AMP for Email, in order to make emails more interactive and engaging.

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"AMP Stories have extraordinary potential to enhance how we create mobile content". Skeptics, though, point to the technology as yet another example of Google trying to control the internet, not least because the algorithms apparently favor sites which present AMP versions of their pages and reward them for their cooperation with higher placement in search results. Google also wrote in blog post: "We look forward to seeing how other email clients will adopt it, too". As part of the AMP Project, the AMP stories format is free and open for anyone to use. You can browse, interact with content, do RSVP, fill out forms, and much more-all without leaving your Gmail. The concept is built on the success of stories on social media and uses an interface that will be familiar to Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook users.

You'll see AMP Stories in your mobile search results, they'll be visually rich which includes images, videos and graphics to help tell a story. If you're a publisher and want to add the format, follow this link. What Google is trying to do is make emails dynamic, with plans to have embedded widgets so the content keeps changing rather than remain static once the email is sent. "We're delighted to see that the industry is starting to form around that, and hope that it will encourage more newsrooms to invest in teams that focus on made-for-mobile content." said, Nick Beel VP of Snapchat. It says companies like Pinterest, and Doodle are developing new experiences for consumers using AMP for Email and their work will soon start appearing on inbox of users.

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