What's New in PS4 Update 5.50, All the Changes

PlayStation 4

PlayStation 4

Today, we're getting a better idea of what will be added, as Sony has detailed some of the incoming features while at the same time launching PS4 5.50's beta on a large scale.

Playtime management will introduce parental controls allowing any family member set as a guardian to limit play time for children (or other family members who aren't set as guardians ).

Notifications will be sent to children during gameplay so that they know when they should save and quit.

As requested, we're adding a function that will allow you to hide certain applications under the "Purchased" tab in the Library. Just be aware, similar to when playing a game on disc or via digital download on PS4, background music may not always be available. This is found under Settings Themes Select Theme Custom Select Image USB Storage Device.

Custom wallpaper had been implemented to some extent previously, but 5.50 allows you to import any image via USB to apply as your background. There will also be a "PS Plus" tab that sorts out which games have been acquired by simply subscribing to the service, with lapsed players seeing a locked icon until their re-subscription. This allows you to check out how many hours your child is playing games, and you can limit the amount of time that are playing. The tab with the user's name/avatar lists every app purchased on that PSN ID and divides the apps into whether they are installed or not installed. If the game is no longer accessible because your PSN subscription lapses, a PS Plus symbol will appear on the game with a lock to note that the game is no longer accessible.

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If you'd like to be considered for all of our System Software Betas, in addition to completing enrolment for this System Software Beta, please also complete the general enrolment form below.

This new feature is accessed in Settings - Family management and can be controlled on the PS4 or by logging into the PS account via a web browser on a PC or a smartphone. To set your logo and background, head over to Events Teams select your team Edit Team Profile. Basically it's enhancing the visual experience if you own a PS4 Pro, but don't have it connected to a 4KTV. It features some (limited) options for modifying the image you have, such as zooming and cropping.

If your Notifications tab makes you feel like you're in a particularly bad episode of Hoarders, you'll be glad to know that update 5.5 will make it possible to permanently delete any and all old notifications.

Other features in this patch include new Quick Menu improvements (shortcut buttons for volume and Pause/Play when listening to music, faster access to individual friends) and customization options for team pages in Tournaments. With the beta in full swing, Sony is detailing what testers can expect from 5.50.

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