Best Buy to stop selling physical CDs

Best Buy Pulling CDs From Shelves Target Shakes Things Up With New Policy Matthew Meadow

Best Buy Pulling CDs From Shelves Target Shakes Things Up With New Policy Matthew Meadow

As digital music allows people to easily stream or download their favorite music to their devices, the need to buy CDs continues to decrease. Physical album sales, meanwhile, fell 17 percent last during the same stretch.

According to Billboard Best Buy will sell vinyl records but not compact CD's starting this July.

Billboard reported that retailer Target is attempting to reduce its in-store music presence, as well as how it negotiates CD sales with record labels. However, Best Buy is planning to carry vinyl for the next two years to keep vendor commitments. Vinyl will be merchandised alongside turntables, Billboard's sources suggest. We reached out to Best Buy for comment, but haven't received a response as of this writing.

On the other hand, sources say that Target has given an ultimatum to music and video suppliers, threatening to shift to a consignment basis for CD sales, rather than the current inventory risk it incurs. Target is now taking the inventory risk by paying for any goods it's shipped within 60 days, but must pay to ship back unsold CDs for credit.

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Target is also considering pulling the format from its shelves, though are bargaining with labels over the decision. This way, Target would only have to pay for items that have actually sold. This year we will likely see the death of another famous music format. Though Target only stocks 100 titles at any given time, it's still responsible for a sizable chunk of sales.

Best Buy used to be a place where you could walk down the aisles and browse through thousands of CDs and DVDs. For example, past year Target moved 500,000 copies of Taylor Swift's latest, Reputation.

How do you purchase your music or movies these days?

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