It's Groundhog Day, what will Phil predict?

Punxsutawney Phil, the United States' most famous marmot weather forecaster, waddled out of his home in Pennsylvania this morning and saw his shadow, a traditional indicator of six more weeks of winter. Phil's handlers said that the groundhog has forecast six more weeks of winter weather. They believed that if a groundhog emerged from its den and saw its shadow, it would retreat back into its hole, indicating that the settlers could expect six more weeks of winter, bad news for the Pennsylvania Dutch farmers.

What about Phil? According to the Punxsutawney Groundhog Club's website, Punxsutawney Phil weighs about 20 pounds and is 22 inches long. But he's always popular. Chuck - a three-decade veteran of weather predictions - did not see his shadow.

This year, hundreds gathered to watch Phil look for his shadow.

The groundhog's prediction is typically contained in a short poem. The Feb. 2 celebration has gone down in Punxsutawney since 1886.

We seen then old man winter return with snow chances on Sunday with highs only reaching the mid 20s as a strong cold front pushes through.

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Punxsutawney Phil, Chuck's most notorious rival, usually disagrees with him - and this year is no different. On top of only having to work one day a year, he starred in the 1993 Bill Murray comedy "Groundhog Day", and has even met celebrities like Ronald Reagan and Oprah Winfrey.

The annual Groundhog Day event, made more popular by the 1993 comedy film "Groundhog Day" starring Bill Murray, draws faithful followers from as far away as Australia and Russian Federation. Regrettably, Potomac Phil is long dead, but his taxidermied remains are still said to make predictions each year in DuPont Circle.

Punxsutawney Phil has spoken! Charlotte sadly passed away a few days after the fall.

Flipping a coin may be as precise as Phil.

Pennsylvania's most famous groundhog was back in the spotlight, and he says you should keep your winter coat handy. "When they go to the movies, when they go to the theater, they want to be entertained and they want to be able to leave feeling kind of refreshed and uplifted many times, if you will, and I think this is that kind of movie", he says. And with that, preparations for Groundhog Day 2019 are officially underway. Phil sees his shadow about 85 percent of the time.

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