Philip Hammond calls for Brexit 'middle way' after Tory fury

David Davis Brexit news

David Davis Brexit news

But in a speech in Middlesbrough, Mr Davis will spell out the Government's aims for an "implementation period" after Brexit in March 2019 during which the United Kingdom will effectively follow the regulations of the single market and customs union.

But, to allow companies to conform to new situation, y will seek to agree on a transitional period - "Implementation phase" is expression used by British Government - in which status quo will continue to be largely in force, for a limited time that Brussels proposes that it be until end of 2020.

Davis was expected to give more indication of Britain's position on Friday.

Norway Plus | Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar wants the end up with a "Norway plus" style relationship with the European Union after Brexit, even as he acknowledged there were "different perspectives" within the bloc on the future deal with Britain.

The Brexit Secretary made clear he will argue for Britain to continue to enjoy the benefits of more than 750 global agreements, including trade deals with non-EU countries, during the transition period.

Davis called transition period "a bridge" to Brexit. However, EU officials note that EU texts agreed previous year spell out that both sides will be bound by a principle of "sincere cooperation" while bound by EU treaties.

"Of course maintaining access to each other's markets on current terms means we will replicate the effects of the EU customs union during the implementation period", Davis said in a speech on Friday.

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She's also walking the tightrope of so far laying foundations for a rather gentle Brexit, broadly in the mold envisaged by Brussels, while being feted in the partisan British tabloids as the hardened negotiator winning back British sovereignty.

The fresh cabinet rift followed Boris Johnson's open disagreement over NHS funding earlier this week and came at a fragile moment for the prime minister's leadership as a string of Conservative MPs told the Guardian some of their colleagues were considering another attempt at ousting her if the local elections in May go badly. "These provide manufacturers with essential ingredients which often can't be sourced here or which we do not have the capacity to produce", the spokesperson said.

In a sign of the unrest in Conservative ranks, leading Brexiteer Jacob Rees-Mogg has warned the Government's "timid and cowering" approach risked squandering the potential gains of leaving the EU.

Hammond's words were disavowed by Prime Minister Theresa May, one of whose spokespersons said London's will to pull out of the single market and customs union "could not be described as very modest changes".

Ms Villiers, who backed the Leave campaign in the European Union referendum, said she had always been a supporter of "compromise and moderation" in the negotiations of the UK's departure from the EU.

Prime Minister Theresa May rebuked her finance minister, Philip Hammond, on Thursday after he suggested Britain would only move "very modestly apart" from the EU's economy after Brexit.

But he added: "Businesses all across the country have been very clear - large businesses, but small business as well - that we need to take the time to adjust to the new regime".

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