Democrats Seek Intelligence Behind GOP Memo on Russia Probes

The government is due to shutdown by midnight on Friday unless an agreement is passed

The government is due to shutdown by midnight on Friday unless an agreement is passed

While House Republicans (led by Nunes), have demanded the "release" of the memo to the public, they've simultaneously stonewalled the FBI, Department of Justice and Senate Intelligence Committee from obtaining a copy of the document.

"The four-page document is said to contain claims federal officials abused a USA surveillance program to target and undermine the Trump campaign".

A watchdog group has filed a new ethics complaint against House Intelligence Committee Chair (R-Calif.), alleging he leaked confidential information.

Boyd also warned that "wider distribution of the classified information presumably contained within [the] memorandum would represent a significant deviation from the terms of access negotiated in good faith" by the committee, the Justice Department, and House Speaker Paul Ryan.

Jerry Nadler, D-NY, told CNN on Thursday why he thinks the Republican memo should not be released. "The Nunes spin memo distorts the underlying materials and has presented Members with a very misleading impression of what those materials show". "There is no higher priority than the release of this information to preserve our democracy".

Lawmakers have described the contents of the four-page memo about surveillance abuses within the government as "jaw-dropping", "deeply disturbing", "shocking", and "troubling".

"Under the rules to make it public, we have to actually vote it out of the Intelligence Committee and ask to have it made public", King said on Fox News. "And I'm here to tell all of America.that I am shocked to read exactly what has taken place".

A number of Trump-supporting Republicans like Reps. A #ReleaseTheMemo social media campaign that House Freedom Caucus members promoted last week, after discussing their plans with Trump, was one of the hashtags most often shared by Russian-linked Twitter accounts over the weekend, according to the German Marshall Fund's Hamilton 68 tracking project.

In general, the memo is about government agencies abusing the FISA courts and surveillance during the 2016 election. When Attorney General Jeff Sessions pressured Wray to clean house and get rid of Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, a target of Trump's angry tweets, Wray threatened to quit.

And so far, the Federal Bureau of Investigation itself says it's been denied a copy of it. Mueller promptly fired the agent involved when other messages bad-mouthing Trump were discovered.

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Rep. Adam Schiff of California, a former prosecutor who serves as the Intelligence Committee's senior Democrat, said Republicans are trying to distract from Mueller's investigation.

White House press secretary Sarah Sanders rejected to immediately say if the Trump administration supports publishing the Nune's memo but stated that they surely back up total transparency, Sanders also said that.

In the latest twist in the controversy, Schiff and Sen.

Both the Senate and House intelligence committees are probing Russian election interference, including the nature of any potential links between the Trump campaign and the Kremlin. "The vast majority that you will".

The social media giants have acknowledged that Russian troll farms bought ads and wrote content on Twitter and Facebook that was created to divide Americans before and after last year's election.

"Conservative Republicans are increasingly calling for the document's release after first declaring it should remain classified", the Post reported, though Republicans voted unanimously to release the document to fellow members and are seeking to release it to the public. But Democrats say the memo is a misleading political attack created to distract from more pressing issues, like the investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election. The committee would have to vote to do so. Ryan instead sided with Nunes, CNN reported, and helped work out an agreement for the DOJ to turn over hundreds pages of documents related to the Russian Federation probes. I mean, have Democrats been able to see this memo?

Democrats are countering with their own memo, saying that the GOP memo has misleading findings. Rep.

"The audience of this document should not be limited to members of Congress - the American people deserve to know the information it contains", says a letter the Republican congressmen sent Nunes after examining the document.

But as the memo's release became more likely, Democrats upped their attack.

"Are we at 218, I'm not pretending that we are, but I believe this is the direction we should be headed", Walker said. Then came news from the Wall Street Journal that Trump's lawyer commissioned a secret payoff to a porn star to keep her quiet about a 2006 sexual liaison with Trump.

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