Abe Will Go to PyeongChang, Despite Japan-South Korea Tensions



In a gesture that seemed certain to be received with even more skepticism, North Korea's state media called for "all Koreans at home and abroad" to make a "breakthrough" for unification of the divided peninsula without outside interference.

If North Korea's participation in the games was cancelled the blame would rest "wholly with the South Korean authorities", the statement said. This came after Kim Jong-un revealed he was considering sending a North Korean team to the Olympics this year and the talks were scheduled after the United States and South Korea agreed to delay their joint military exercises until after Pyeongchang 2018.

It was this speech in which Mr Kim opened up the possibility of talks that have since led to North Korea agreeing to take part in the Pyeongchang winter games next month, and march under a unified flag at the opening ceremony.

But leader Kim Jong-un unexpectedly suggested in a new year address that his country might join after all, leading to a flurry of meetings with the South and the IOC.

The inspection team will also stop by at the Kalma Airport nearby, a military airfield that the South Korean ski trainees will likely use to reach the ski resort.

The 12 players from North Korea, accompanied by two members of support staff, were greeted by the South Korean squad at the Jincheon National Training Center today.

Australian Open - day seven wrap
He'll next face Grigor Dimitrov , who came out on top of a fierce struggle against Nick Kyrgios . But he finally faltered in the eighth and Edmund earned the chance to serve for the match.

The U.S. and global community have attempted to use an economic crackdown to curb the aggression of the Kim Jong Un regime.

Most were based in Chinese cities on the border with North Korea, nearby Russian cities, where they helped arrange shipping of materials and goods to North Korea.

The Trump administration announced sanctions Wednesday on North Korean business networks in China and Russian Federation as it pushed to cut off revenues for the increasingly isolated nation's nuclear program.

A parade putting columns of goose-stepping soldiers, tanks and new missiles on display would threaten to renew tensions that had ebbed after North Korea agreed during negotiations with the South to participate in the Olympics. In addition to North Korea-based entities, some individuals and entities in China and Russian Federation are also included on the new list of sanctions. Two Chinese firms were also sanctioned for aiding the North's nuclear program.

South Korea successfully pressed the United States to delay large-scale annual drills involving the two countries troops until after the Olympics, but Washington officials have rejected the idea of a permanent halt to the exercises in exchange for North Korea freezing its missile and nuclear weapons tests.

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