Lindsey Graham: Immigration Deals Undercut by Stephen Miller

Lindsey Graham: Immigration Deals Undercut by Stephen Miller

Lindsey Graham: Immigration Deals Undercut by Stephen Miller

When he batted around the idea of granting them citizenship over a Chinese dinner at the White House past year with Democratic leaders, Trump's advisers drew up a list of hardline demands to send to Capitol Hill that they said must be included in any such plan.

"Never Trump" Republican strategist Rick Wilson wrote Sunday that "co-President Stephen Miller" placed "a Semtex charge under the tenuous DACA deal at the heart of this budget frenzy is a sign of his overwhelming power in this White House".

But amnesty advocates like Graham complain that White House aides like Miller are keeping Trump from making a deal.

Graham on January 21 said, "As long as Stephen Miller is in charge of negotiating immigration, we are going nowhere". "He's been an outlier for years, there's a deal to be had".

Miller was a former communications director for former Alabama Sen.

Although Republican senators and lawmakers don't usually name-check President Donald Trump's aides while criticizing them, the SC senator went a step ahead and slammed one specific key member of the commander-in-chief's xenophobic and bigoted entourage: Stephen Miller. Despite voting with Democrats for a shutdown, he appeared concerned that it was not helping negotiations on immigration reform.

This is the third consecutive day of the government's shutdown over the inability of its legislators to reach an agreement on the future of the Dreamers, while the entire country is torn between whom to blame. "I think he's got a good understanding of what will sell, and every time we have a proposal, it is only yanked back by staff members".

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It's not the first time Graham has complained about Miller.

Miller is an obvious scapegoat for Trump opponents seeking to explain the president's hostility toward Democratic immigration proposals.

The deputy press secretary added that "their plan totally fails to secure the border, and includes no legal authorities to stop illegal immigration which ensures a massive wave of new illegal immigration and new chain migration".

On Sunday, Graham signaled optimism that Senate Democrats and Republicans could work out a deal.

Mr Schumer, one of the most powerful Democrats in Washington, has been one of the most vocal opponents of the President in the last three days after a meeting between the two men on Friday failed to end the deadlock.

'The White House staff, I think, is making it very hard, ' he told reporters at the Capitol.

With a vote of 81-18, the stopgap effort gets the government back up and running until February 8 under a bipartisan agreement that the Senate immediately dives back into the immigration debate and decides what to do about the Dreamers. The program protects from deportation immigrants who entered the country illegally as minors. 'He's here to push the president's agenda, like everybody in this building'.

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