ChaiOS "Text Bomb" Crashes iMessage App on macOS and iOS

Receiving this malicious link through iMessage can freeze your iPhone, iPad and Mac

Receiving this malicious link through iMessage can freeze your iPhone, iPad and Mac

Security researchers have warned about a devastating text bomb SMS that if opened will crash any iPhone or iPad. Apple quickly fixed the bug and of course, nothing ever went wrong with an Apple product again.

According to BGR, First bug discovered by jailbreak developer Abraham Masri, the new bug (dubbed "chaiOS") can cause crashing, freezing, resprings and more on both iOS and macOS.

Masri shared a link to the site in a post on Twitter, but it was taken down.

An iMessage bug has been discovered in iOS causing the messages app to freeze and respring, affecting the performance of the phone in the process. In 2015, an iMessage bug caused phones to crash if they received a text with the words "effective". It looks like Masri's account has also been blocked on Github, though he says he had no malicious intentions when posting about the isssue.

Apple has faced a number of embarrassing security mishaps over the past few months, with majority affecting macOS.

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Masri tweeted about the bug on Tuesday. The chaiOS bug will be patched in a software update next week. Once the link is clicked on, it will affect the user and sender of the link.

Until a fix is officially released, you can't do much to work around the issue, especially if you receive a link to an unknown website.

One of his testers (@aaronp613) confirmed the bug worked, saying: "The device will freeze for a few minutes".

Cybersecurity expert Graham Cluley said it is "more of a nuisance than something that will lead to data being stolen from your computer or a malicious hacker being able to access your files". At that point, Apple had issued a fix for the bug.

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