Google Arts & Culture's art selfies are bringing fun back to the internet

Google Arts & Culture's art selfies are bringing fun back to the internet

Google Arts & Culture's art selfies are bringing fun back to the internet

Explaining why the app is not available outside the app, a Google spokesperson told The Sun, "This is an experiment that's only available in parts of the U.S. right now, but we're glad people are having so much fun matching their selfies to works of art".

The Google Arts & Culture app has been around since 2016.

Using the Google app to find a doppelganger is easy, and requires just a few steps. While the app is available for download nation-wide, the feature is now only available in select locations. But if you can use Google Arts & Culture, here's how to find and use its face-matching feature. Google traditionally rolls out new features slowly to specific regions before taking them to all users. It was not until last weekend that Google Arts & Culture started being downloaded and talked about en masse, courtesy a new update. Also, we can always imagine the possibilities if Chicago ever gets access to the selfie museum app! Once installed, open the Opera VPN app. Click on "Switch location" under the Device Location tab, and select United States from the list.

Users should then scroll down to the section that says "Is your portrait in a museum?"

The Google Arts & Culture app's description says this feature is new, experimental and relies on computer vision technology to compare the selfie with actual historical works.

Queen Elizabeth and how her crown could break her neck
Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II (Elizabeth Alexandra Mary), is the Head of State of the UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. In the program, the queen notes that the crown has been reduced in height since being worn by her father, King George VI.

One asterisk on the app is that it's not available in all areas, as a Google Spokesperson told SFGate that the app is limited to the United States, minus IL and Texas.

You've liked the way you look in selfies, but have you ever seen your image as a work of art? Give the app permission to access your camera when asked and take a selfie.

I opened the menu on the left, which is full of stuff but doesn't have a "take selfie" option.

From Facebook to Instagram to Twitter, my social media feeds of late are flooded with selfies next to famous artwork.

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