Kathy Griffin responds to Andy Cohen, Harvey Levin in video rant

Kathy Griffin on Saturday blasted TMZ's Harvey Levin and released his personal number, which she did to retaliate against his gossip site and TV show.

Cohen replaced Griffin as the co-host for CNN's New Year's Eve Celebration alongside Anderson Cooper after she was sacked, so it's no surprise there's bad blood.

"He was a miserable boss for all of those years".

Griffin sat in front of a camera to address an interview Cohen did with TMZ photographers at the Los Angeles International Airport on Friday, October 27, in which he slighted the former My Life on the D-List star by pretending he didn't know her.

In a no-holds-barred video, comedian Kathy Griffin responded Saturday to a freaky and disrespectful interview talk-show host Andy Cohen had given about her shortly before.

A federal investigation into Griffin because of the picture was subsequently opened, placing her on Interpol.

At the end of the video, she said: 'The reason I'm doing this tape is because of the Trump photo... So the second time I do the show, same thing.he was asking me to do cocaine with him!

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"I mean he really harassed me and treated me really poorly", she said of Cohen.

"I'm on to you", she said".

The jab is a reference to Mariah Carey's infamous remark about not knowing Jennifer Lopez - "apparently I'm forgetful", she quipped to Cohen on Watch What Happens Live in 2016. A Bravo spokesperson also told Us Weekly, "This is completely false and we are not going to credit it with any more attention". "The Trumpers came after me, and I just want you guys to know, Harvey Levin, a blogger, is very much in bed with everybody from Hollywood to Donald Trump".

The comedian explains that she took the measures because TMZ helped "fuel the rage" against her after she took photos of a fake severed head resembling Donald Trump.

Said Griffin: "That's his number".

Shortly after the incident, Cooper claimed on Watch What Happens Live that he and Griffin were "still friends" saying, "Look, I said what I said about - I didn't think what she said was appropriate, but I wish her the best and I hope she bounces back".

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