Microsoft Confirms Windows Phone Isn't Getting Resurrected Any Time Soon

Angry man

Angry man

Joe Belfiore is Microsoft's Vice President of Operating Systems and plays a big part in Windows 10 for all devices, including mobile.

Belfiore's comments are another sign of the decline of the Windows mobile operating system in its current form.

But with one of the mobiles gone from Windows, Blackberry, a company that has less than 1 percent market share in the United States announced the Blackberry Motion, a brand new all-touch Smart Phone.

Even though Microsoft has reported a fall in Surface PC line and Windows phones revenues, the Redmond-based tech giant is reportedly aiming for new devices called "Surface Phones" and has made its patent public.

"Of course we'll continue to support the platform. bug fixes, security updates, et cetera", he said. According to him, Microsoft dished out some cash to get more developers, and it even wrote apps for them.

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Microsoft will now support Windows 10 customers who want to use Android and iOS on their phones. A few days before Joe Belfiore's announcement, a revealing anecdote showed just how much Windows Phone is now resigned to the past. All bug fixes, security updated etc would be extended to all existing users. As a Windows Phone user, you were always scraping the very bottom of the barrel when it came to applications.

Microsoft has attempted to leverage its legacy in the PC space to push further into mobile - Windows 10 Mobile was billed as the "everywhere OS" that would let users shift seamlessly between desktop, tablet and mobile. That rift was more like the beginning of the end - from Microsoft, that is. Belfiore's tweets indicated that Microsoft can no longer survive in fierce competition against Apple's iOS and Google's Android. Why build an app for a relatively small bunch of Windows phone owners when there are many more Android and iOS users?

Over the weekend, t'was a Tweet that killed Windows Phone for real.

KitGuru Says: This move seems to have been a long time coming.

Earlier this year, Windows Central reported the company was working on a new version of Windows 10 - codenamed Andromeda - that would run on all types of computer and make it possible for third-party apps to adapt without having to code a special "universal" version.

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